Auto-Attendant (Virtual Receptionist) – Customized Greeting, Dial by Name, Dial by Extension, Custom Music On Hold, and more

Service Queues – Tech Support, Customer Service, Sales or Service teams

Hunt Groups – Ring multiple extensions and cell phones to get your customers in touch with someone every time

Conference Call – Built in capability to host conference calls on your own system instead of paying for an external conference call provider

Advance Phone Features – Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Transfers, Do Not Disturb and more

Time of Day Conditions – Set your business hours and route calls accordingly. You can even automatically route calls to a rotating after-hours on-call employee’s cell phone.

Find Me Follow Me – Ring your cell phone when you aren’t at your desk to answer your extension

Advanced Voicemail – Voicemail messages are sent straight to your email; no need to call in to check messages

Integrated Fax – Built-in electronic fax for sending and receiving faxes without the need for a dedicated fax machine or line